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Solar Panels

Get Business Solar Financing Now

Revitalize your business with a loan tailored to support your adoption of alternative energy solutions. By embracing these innovations, your business can operate at peak efficiency, ensuring peace of mind and sustainable growth.

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Solar Panels on Rooftop



R10 Million




12 TO 60


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Some of The Benefits

Solar Panels on Rooftop

Unlock the potential of personalized financing with an interest rate directly linked to prime plus 2.5%. Tailored to your specific financial circumstances, this competitive rate empowers you to pursue your goals with confidence. Whether you're expanding your business, investing in your future, or consolidating debt, our customized approach ensures that you receive the support you need to thrive.

Competitive Interest Rate

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Securing funds to invest in a solar solution is vital for ensuring the seamless operation and sustained growth of your business. By leveraging financial resources to purchase solar technology, your business not only maintains its smooth functioning but also positions itself for long-term success and sustainability.

Uninterrupted Workdays

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Experience the convenience of a seamless application process designed to accelerate approvals and facilitate quicker payouts. Our user-friendly platform guides you effortlessly through each step, minimizing delays and maximizing efficiency.

Swift Processing

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Government backing is fueling a heightened interest in funding energy solutions. With a supportive regulatory environment, there's a growing appetite among investors and lenders to finance sustainable initiatives. This momentum not only fosters innovation but also creates lucrative opportunities for businesses seeking to adopt environmentally friendly practices.

Ease Of Lending

How It Works

  • Funds are paid directly into your Standard Bank business current account for loans less than R500 000

  • Loans over R500 000 will be paid directly to the supplier

  • Prime-linked capital and interest repayments over the term of loan

  • Flexible term structure of 12 to 60 months

  • Limited to 1 Business Solar Loan per legal entity

The terms and conditions of the Business Solar Loan will be tailored to your business needs and subject to the necessary credit and compliance checks.

Have Any Questions?

Sunset on Solar Panels

Introducing our Business Solar Loan, providing the credit you need to kickstart your solar journey. Get all the information you need before diving in.

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