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  • About UtilityPal
    UtilityPal helps body corporates, sectional title developments and property owners with their utility needs from utility auditing to prepaid,revenue & utility management we cover the full metering cycle.
  • What Does UtilityPal Do?
    UtilityPal covers the full metering aspect from utility auditing,prepaid & utility management to billing advices our mission is to help property owners & managing agents collect utility (electricity, water & gas) payments.
  • How Does The UtilityPal Sub-Meter Work?
    Monies are recovered through tokens sold via retail outlets & EFT, and is repaid to the owner by UtilityPal (monthly via EFT)
  • Does UtilityPal Sub-Meters Replace The Council Meter?
    No, UtilityPal sub-meters do not replace the council meter.
  • What Do I Need To Do If I Want To Install A UtilityPal Prepaid Sub-Meter?
    Ask your trusted local electrician/plumber to install the meter/s for you, meters are available online through our online store or from plumbing/electrical wholesalers across South Africa. Email us at to register and to activate the meter/s.
  • Where In South Africa Are UtilityPal Sub-Meters Available?
    UtilityPal sub meters are available on our online store and from electrical/plumbing wholesalers across the whole South Africa. To activate the meter/s email us at
  • Can UtilityPal Sub-Meters Be Used Outside South Africa?
    Yes, UtilityPal sub-meters can be installed out of South Africa,tokens are issued through UtilityPal self-vend product.
  • Where Can I Buy Prepaid?
    Prepaid tokens can be bought anywhere from banking applications (Absa,Standard Bank, FNB, Capitec & Nedbank), retail outlets (Pick N Pay, Checkers, Spar to name a few) & Petrol Stations to ATM's. Water & Gas can also be bought online via banking applications under buy and then "Electricity" insert your water or gas meter number and buy for the desired amount.
  • What Is The Easiest Way To Buy A Prepaid Token?
    If you have mobile banking use their online app under buy and then electricity the same can be done with water and gas also insert your meter number in 'electricity' and purchase for desired amount.
  • When Do I Recieve My Payments?
    Payments are made to property owners/managing agents, during the 1st week of every month.
  • Do I Get A Monthly Report?
    UtilityPal sends out a monthly vending report of all tenants purchases. If you require more detailed reporting please email us at
  • Deciding On Tariffs
    UtilityPal recommends that the landlord sets the same tariff as what the local supply authority would bill the premises directly. Taking in account if the tenant should be on domestic or commercial rate. If you require assistance email us on
  • Can I Change My Current Prepaid Meter/s To UtilityPal?
    Yes, UtilityPal will willingly assist you change service providers from any STS prepaid sub-meter/s (electricity,water & gas) from your current service provider to UtilityPal. For more information please email us at


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