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UtilityPal - Polymer Water Meter - 15mm - Box of 10

UtilityPal - Polymer Water Meter - 15mm - Box of 10

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15mm ASM Polymer bodied semi-positive rotary piston water meter 114mm long fitted with internal strainer, non-return valve, and sealed straight reading wet dial counter registering in m³. The meter is pulse ready (1 pulse per half litre). Approved to CLASS C by the N.R.C.S. in accordance with the requirements of SANS 1529-1: 2019 and Chapter 5 of the Legal Metrology Act 2014 (Act9 of 2014).




• Approved to SANS1529 -1: 2019 Class C specications. (SA1508)

• Meter accuracy not affected by angle of installation.

• Approved for both horizontal and vertical installation.

• Pulse prepared.

• Clear, easily read, liquid lled 8-digit counter.

• Minimum reading 0,00002 m3.

• Working temperature between 2°C and 40°C.

• Internal Non-Return Valve and Strainer.

• Working pressure 1600 kPa.

• Grooved piston for improved performance and reliability.

• Inlet and Outlet threads compatible with ISO metric sizes.

• Meter bodies manufactured from specially blended glass reinforced UV stabilised polymer tested up to 4800 kPa.

• 20mm meter has bowed strainer with increased mesh area.

• 20mm & 25mm meter has spring loaded non-return valve.

• Robust leak proof construction.

• No external calibration facility prevents tampering.


Dimension Table:


Meter length (L): 114 

Meter diameter (B): 98 

Connection thread (D): 20 BSP

Meter weight (± kg): 0.44


Lead Time:

5 Days.

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