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Synapse - Ultra Hybrid Inverter 5kW & Lithium Battery 5kW

Synapse - Ultra Hybrid Inverter 5kW & Lithium Battery 5kW

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Perfect for Those Starting Their Energy Adventure Begin your renewable energy journey with our comprehensive kit, tailored to those who are taking their first steps towards a greener future. This kit brings together two essential components: the Synapse Advanced Power Hybrid Inverter and the Synapse Power Lite Lithium Battery. 


About Inverter:

At the core of this kit lies the Synapse Advanced Power Hybrid Inverter, a robust 5kW inverter with a 25A current capacity. This versatile device seamlessly integrates solar PV panels, batteries, and the grid, revolutionizing the way you manage and consume energy. Key features include precise power management, smart grid support, advanced monitoring capabilities, and generator compatibility, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during outages. It's highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your unique energy needs. This hybrid inverter is renowned for its durability, making it a reliable choice for both residential and commercial applications. It empowers you to reduce expenses, increase self-consumption, and fortify your energy system's resilience.


Key Features Inverter:

Generator compatibility, automatic UPS switching, 200% surge power backup, 1ph and 3ph connections up to 36kW in parallel, high charge/discharge current (135A), customisable settings, and compatibility with lead-acid and lithium batteries. It supports peak shaving control in self-use and generator modes.


About Battery:

The Synapse Power Lite Lithium battery system features cutting-edge energy storage with LiFePO4 batteries for safety and durability. Operating at 51.2V and 100Ah, it offers reliable power even in tight spaces, handling surges effectively. The Battery Management System balances cells, extending the lifespan. It scales with multi-parallel setups, accommodating increased capacity. As a backup, it lasts around 10 years, meeting global safety standards (IEC62619, IEC61000, IEC62040, UL1973, UL95). Powered by CATL LiFePO4 Cells, it modernises energy usage, supporting renewables, grid stability, and backup power.


Lead Time:

1 - 3 Days.

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