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SRNE - Inverter 3kW Off Grid (S80)

SRNE - Inverter Off Grid (S80) - 3kW

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The SRNE 3KW Inverter is an efficient and reliable power source for various domestic applications. It offers a maximum efficiency of up to 98% and excellent overload capabilities to ensure maximum performance. Heat dissipation is optimized thanks to its innovative cooling system. Installation is easy and reliable for any level of user.


AC Mode
• Rated Input Voltage: 230VAC
• Input Voltage Range: 90VAC to 280VAC
• Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz (Auto detection)
• Overload / Short Circuit Protection: Circuit Breaker
• Efficiency: >95%
• Conversion Time: 10ms
• Maximum Bypass Overload Current: 30A


Inverter Mode
• Output Voltage Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
• Rated Output Power: 3000W
• Power Factor: 1
• Rated Output Voltage: 230VAC
• Output Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
• Efficiency: >92%
• Loaded Motor Capability: 2HP
• Output Short Circuit Protection: Circuit Breaker
• Bypass Breaker: 30A
• Rated Battery Input Voltage: 24VDC (Min Start Voltage of 22VDC)
• Battery Voltage Range: 20VDC – 33VDC


AC Charging
• Battery Type: Lead Acid / Lithium
• Maximum Charging Current: 80A
• Charging Voltage Range: 20VDC to 33VDC
• Short Circuit Protection: Circuit Breaker and Blown Fuse
• Circuit Breaker: 30A


PV Charging
• Maximum PV Open Circuit Voltage: 100VDC
• PV Operating Voltage Range: 30VDC to 100VDC
• MPPT Voltage Range: 30VDC to 85VDC
• Maximum Input PV Power: 1400W
• PV Charging Current Range: 0A to 60A (Adjustable)
• Charging Short Circuit Protection: Blown Fuse
• Wiring Protection: Reverse Polarity Protection


Environment Limit
• Ingress Protection: IP20
• Operating Temperature Range: -15°C to +55°C
• Humidity Range: 5% to 95% (Conformal Coating Protection)
• Cooling: Forced Air Cooling, Variable Speed Fan (<60dB)
• Communication: USB / RS485(WIFI/GPRS) / Dry Node Control



2 Years T's & C's Apply.


Lead Time:

1 - 3 Days.

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