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Kamstrup - Omnipower - Single Phase - Smart Meter

Kamstrup - Omnipower - Single Phase - Smart Meter

R4,599.00 Regular Price
R3,899.00Sale Price
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The OMNIPOWER meters constitute a cost-saving
device minimizing the need for manual technical
intervention and allowing for upload of software to the
meters over-the-air.


Seamless integration and flexibility are key factors in
exploiting the full potential of the fast developing and
diversified communication technologies. OMNIPOWER®
provides the DLMS/COSEM and IEC 62056-21 data
collection protocols as system integration interface.
This along with integration features for third-party
suppliers assures a standardized interface between
the electricity meter and any data collection system
supporting these common specifications.


As a high-end smart meter, OMNIPOWER® takes
all security and privacy aspects into consideration
providing the highest safety level, protecting revenue
and assuring accurate and reliable metering data for
exact billing and documentation purposes.
OMNIPOWER® holds comprehensive event and data
loggers with anti-fraud and security features that
enable the utility to immediately discover tamper and
attempts to physically access the meter.


Lead Time:

7 Days.

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