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Huawei - iSite Power-M, All In One - Inverter 5kW & Battery

Huawei - Power-M, All In One - Inverter 5kW & Battery x 3 - 15kW

R110,000.00 Regular Price
R90,000.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included


AC Output
Rated Power Output: 6 kVA / 5 kW
Output Voltage: 230 VAC/50Hz
Max. Output Current: 25.8A
Max. Bypass Input Power: 6kW


AC Input
AC Input Voltage: 230VAC/50Hz
Surge Protection: 3 kVA/5 kVA, 8/20 s
Max. Input Current: 30 A


PV Input
Start-up Voltage: 100VDC
MPPT Voltage: 90-420VDC
Max. Input Voltage (Voc): 435VDC
Max. Input Current (Isc): 2 x 15 A
Recommended PV Power: 5000 Wp
No. PV Strings/MPPT Routes: 2/1
Optimizer Compatibility: DC Mbus Compatible
DC Surge Protection: 10 kA, 8/20 s, criterion C
Max. Input Current per Strings: 15 A


Communication: Wi-Fi
Display: LED's, NetEco


Battery Module Capacity: 5 kWh per module
Max. Output Power: 2.5kW per Module, 5kW per ESS
Output/Input Voltage: 370-480VDC
Cycle Life: 6000 cycles @ 25 C, 100% DOD


Included In Deal:

1 X Inverter 5kW

3 X Lithium Batteries 5kW each (15kW)

1 X Free Shipping


Lead Time:

1 - 3 Days.

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