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Honeywell - HS100 (100A) Smart Meter

Honeywell - HS100 (100A) Smart Meter

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The HS100 Smart electricity meter from Honeywell Smart Energy is supplied with HM100 2G or 3G modems to help our customers implement Smart Electricity Metering projects in an easy and cost effective manner. This meter & modem combination provides a connected solution that will enable utility operations to run more effectively, reliably, safely, and cost-effectively.


When used in conjunction with Honeywell’s supplied software solutions our customers can easily now implement advanced Smart Metering, Revenue Protection and Thin Prepayment Solutions improving operational performance and the Utilities bottom line in the process.


The HS100 is suitable for four quadrant metering applications and is rated for 5(100)A direct connect applications and provides full measurement capabilities and includes an internal contactor that can be controlled remotely to disconnect the supply in the case of any tampering attempts or it can also be used for thin smart prepayment solutions. This meter provides a powerful combination of features that will enable utilities to rapidly identify, quantify and ultimately minimise Non-Technical Losses.



• HS100 (5)100A Direct Connect
• HM100 2G & 3G Modem options
• kWh, kvarh & kVAh import/export 4 quadrant measurement
• Accuracy Class 1.0 kWh IEC62053-21 & Class 2.0 kvarh IEC62053:23
• Comprehensive Tariff recording capability
• LCD Display (Auto & Manual modes) & Read without Power Capability
• Over the Air (OTA) firmware upgrade capable •
• Internal Contactor for remote connect, disconnect & load limiting (Optional) • DLMS approved Protocol
• RS485 communication (Multi-Drop up to 32 devices over 1.2 km)
• Load Profile memory up to 100 days for 4 channels with 30 min Internal
• 12 Months Billing History Data for 20 selectable objects
• Extensive Tamper detection & logging
• Clock & calendar battery back-up for ten years and field replaceable
• 10-year operating Life


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