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Fox 30 kW 3-Phase Hybrid Inverter

Fox - Three - Phase Hybrid Inverter - 30kW

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Available at UtilityPal, the FoxESS 30kW Hybrid Inverter offers quiet, compact, and efficient operation with 3 MPPTs and a storage capacity ranging from 8.22 kW up to 85.32 kWh. You can connect up to 10 storage inverters in parallel, allowing for flexible system expansion based on various installation requirements. Easily expand your system by adding extra batteries from three available series, achieving a storage capacity of up to 83.88 kWh.



  • MPPTs: Equipped with 3 Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPTs) for optimal performance on diverse solar-oriented rooftops.
  • DC Inputs: Designed with high-current DC inputs for efficient energy conversion.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with smart homes and Fox ESS energy management systems.
  • Battery Inputs: Features up to two battery inputs and a wide selection of battery options, allowing expansion up to 66 kWh each by adding two stacks of one master and six slave ECS batteries.
  • Parallel Configuration: In industrial/commercial mode, multiple H3 Pro inverters can be configured in parallel, creating a battery system with a maximum capacity of 660 kWh.
  • Emergency Power Supply: Includes a built-in emergency power supply, enabling the creation of an independent grid within 20ms during a blackout or grid disconnection.
  • Plug-and-Play: Offers an easy plug-and-play solution, compatible with Fox ESS high voltage battery lines ECS 2800/2900/4100/4300/4800, as well as MIRA and HV 2600 batteries.
  • Communication Options: Provides multiple communication options such as WiFi, GPRS, RS485, and Meter with an external device. Operating information like output voltage, current, frequency, and fault information can be monitored locally or remotely via these interfaces.



10 Years T's & C's Apply.


Lead Time:

1 - 3 Days.

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