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Honeywell (Elster) - Three Phase - A1140 - 100A (Direct Connect)

Honeywell (Elster) - Three Phase - A1140 - 100A (Direct Connect)

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The Honeywell (formerly Elster-Kent) A1140 provides a comprehensive and secure tariff structure and security and is suitable for commercial and light industrial CT or direct connected applications. The A1140 offers additional load profiling.Communications are provided via the optical (IEC 62056-21) port and are supported by data stream mode, allowing fast reading of meter data. The A1140 permits up to one channel of 90 days load profile data to be collected in less than 30 seconds. An RJ11 socket provides optional serial communications allowing remote access to the same meter data. This port can be multi-dropped, allowing up to 10 meters to be accessed from a single communications device. As a further option, a pulsed output can be transmitted via the meter’s auxiliary terminals.The meter display has large characters that can be viewed from a wide angle.



Accuracy - kWh Class 1 or Class 2 - kvarh Class 2 or Class 3

Modular designed communications

Comprehensive tariff structure Instrumentation

Large digit (9.8mm) display

IEC 62056-21 communications port

Internal clock with battery back-up

15 year product life

Extensive security data

High security, compact design

12kV impulse withstand

Double insulated, polycarbonate case

Compact design

IP53 in accordance with IEC 60529:1989

kWh export, kvarh and kVA

CT or Direct connected

Serial communications

300 Days of Load profiling (A1140)

Read without power (using replaceable battery)

English or OBIS display descriptors

Terminal cover removal detection switch

Main cover removal detection or CT ratio programming switch

SO pulsed output (IEC 62053-31)

Terminal cover with cut-out.



Lead Time:

1 - 3 Days.

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