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BSL Battery 51.2V - Slimline 300a/h (15.36kWh)

BSL Batt - 51.2V - Slimline 300Ah - 15.36kW

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The BSL Battery B-LFP48 wall-mounted energy storage system provides 15.36kWh of battery in a single unit, with up to 30 units available simultaneously for additional capacity. Inside the product is an automotive-grade module structure using lithium iron phosphate (also known as LFP or LiFePO4) battery chemistry, also known as LFP, which provides long cycle life without the toxicity or fire hazards of other lithium technologies.



  • Expandable by up to 30
  • Tier One, A Cell Composition
  • 98% Efficiency Rate
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • UL-rated battery pack.
  • Cycle One to Several Times Per Day
  • Fast Charge & Discharge Rates
  • AC coupling system for easier installation
  • Compatible with more than 20 inverters
  • Safer, more durable, more reliable LiFePO4 cells



12 Years T's and C's Apply


Lead Time:

1-3 Days

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