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Solax - Inverter 15Kw X3-Hybrid G4 HV Three Phase

Solax - Inverter X3-Hybrid G4 HV Three Phase - 15kW

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Solax 15kw 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter belongs to the 4th generation of the SolaX Hybrid range, which still maintains all the key features of the 3rd generation with some improvements. The Solax 3 phase hybrid inverter regulates battery charging to maximise their lifespan. The SolaX Power inverter puts data online for free overusing Wifi. You can analyse and monitor its performance online. The inverter can take electricity from the network, without any power limitation. In the event of power outages, it is also able to modulate itself to uphold your power supply.



• Three Phase Hybrid High Voltage
• D Version (Used without Matebox)
• Dual MPPT
• Maximum Efficiency: 97.8%

Input (DC)
• Maximum PV Array Input Power: 18000Wp
• Maximum DC Voltage: 1000V
• Nominal DC Operating Voltage: 720V
• Maximum Input Current: 26A / 14A
• Maximum Short Circuit Current: 30A / 16A
• MPPT Voltage Range: 180V – 950V
• Number of MPP Trackers: 2

AC Input
• Maximum Apparent AC Power: 20 000VA
• Maximum AC Current: 32A

AC Output
• Nominal AC Power: 15000VA
• Maximum Apparent AC Power: 15000VA
• Nominal Grid Voltage: 400VAC/230VAC ; 380VAC/220VAC
• Nominal Grid Frequency Range: 50Hz/60Hz
• Nominal AC Current: 21.8A
• Maximum AC Current: 24.1A
• Displacement Power Factor: 0.8 leading ~ 0.8 lagging



10 Year Product Warrant. T's & C's Apply.


Lead Time:

1 - 3 Days.

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