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MultiFlow Duo 200 - MultiFlow 200 AC/DC Pump & Smart Controller Combo 1

MultiFlow - Duo 200 - AC/DC Pump, Smart Controller & All Accessories

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Introducing the Multiflow Duo 200—an innovative water pumping solution designed to elevate your water management capabilities. With a versatile voltage range of 90-430V and a powerful output of 2200 Watts, this model ensures optimal performance across various power inputs. Boasting an impressive maximum flow rate of 10.5 m³/h and a towering maximum head of 200 meters, the Multiflow Duo 200 excels in delivering high-volume water pumping with precision and reliability. Whether for agricultural applications, industrial processes, or remote water supply, trust in the Multiflow Duo 200 to meet your diverse water pumping needs with efficiency and excellence.



  • Uses solar panels, generator or grid power
  • No Batteries Required
  • Dry Run Protection
  • Smart Switchover Included


Combo Indludes:

  • MultiFlow Duo 200 - MultiFlow 200 AC/DC Pump & Smart Controller (uses 2.5mm 4 core cable) 50mm outlet.
  • Jinko 555 - Jinko 555W Tiger (L2280 x W1136) x4
  • MC4 Extension Cable - Solar Panel Extension Cable MC4 Connector. 2 x 5m 
  • Sub Cable 4-2.5 - 4-core Submersible Pump Cable 2.5mm (p/m) x60
  • Rope 6mm - 6mm Polyprop Rope (p/m) For Spitfire & Premium Range x60
  • Baseplate 40 - Borehole Baseplate 40mm
  • Pipe Fitting Set 40mm - Pipe Fitting Set (3 pcs)
  • Cable Joint - Cable Joint Kit (Splice Kit) 
  • Cable Ties - Quick Ties Cable Ties - Black (4.8 x 300mm) Qty 100



1 Year T's & C's Apply.

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