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Goodwe - Grid Tied Inverter, 10 MPPT, AC + DC, 3 Phase - 100kW

Goodwe - Grid Tied Inverter, 10 MPPT, AC + DC, 3 Phase - 100kW

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The new HT 1100 Vdc Series (73-136 kW) is GoodWe's new string inverter for C&I and small utility projects. The HT series offers up to 12 MPPTs, and is compatible with bifacial modules, with a higher threshold of DC current (Max. 15A per string). It includes PLC communication and internal humidity detection. The HT series seamlessly incorporates different sets of technical strengths designed to achieve higher savings in the installation, enhance productivity and diversify available monitoring options, taking safety to the maximum possible level in accordance with the strictest industry standards. This inverter comes with an optional AC switch for reduced overall costs and reduced installation time. Configuration can be easily done via Bluetooth, and diagnosis and firmware upgrading can be operated remotely. This outstanding set of features was conceived to ensure the lowest levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).



PV String input data
Max. DC input power: 150kW

Max DC voltage: 1100V

MPPT range: 180~1000V

Min. Start-up voltage (V): 200V

Nominal DC input voltage: 600V

Max input current: 10*28A

Max short current: 10*42A

No. of MPP trackers: 10

No of strings per MPPT: 2

AC output data
Nominal output power: 100kW

Max. output power: 110kW

Max. output apparent power: 110kW

Nominal output voltage: 400, 3L/N/PE or 3L/PE 400, 3L/N/PE or 3L/PE

Nominal output frequency: 50/60Hz

Max. output current: 168A

PV string monitoring: Integrated

Input reverse polarity protection: Integrated

Insulation monitoring: Integrated

String fuses: Integrated

AC Short circuit protection: Integrated



Ambient temperature range: -30~60°C

Communication: RS485 or PLC or WiFi RS485 or PLC or WiFi

Weight: 89kg

IP rating: IP66


Lead Time:

1 - 3 Days.

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