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Honeywell (Elster) - Three Phase - A1700 - 100A (Direct Connect) UK Import

Honeywell (Elster) - Three Phase - A1700 - 100A (Direct Connect) UK Import

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The Honeywell (formerly Elster-Kent) A1700 offers outstanding measurement and complex tariff capabilities for use in both industrial and commercial direct connected, CT and CT/VT operated applications. The meter can operate as a stand alone unit or as part of a comprehensive metering system. The A1700 features include a fully programmable customer defined display and an optical port for local communications. Two slots are provided for the addition of an input (or output) and a communications module. Load profile data can be stored for up to 900 days. As an alternative the meter can store 450 days of load profile and 370 days of instrumentation profile data. Data stream mode communications allows up to 90 days of 30 minute profile data to be collected in less than 30 seconds. Communications modules can be RS232 or RS485


A range of communications media (PSTN, GSM, Ethernet, PAKNET) plug into a module directly under the meter terminal cover. An optional input module provides the ideal solution for multi-utility metering. As an alternative, a module with four outputs can be provided to increase the number of outputs to eight. A module with battery can be provided to read meter data when power has been removed from the meter. PNPSCADA software programs or reads the meter data. The meter can be supplied to meet accuracy Class 0.2s or 0.5s for CT operation and Class 1 or Class 2 for direct connected, CT or CT/VT operation.



> Accuracy Class 0.2s or 0.5s for CT operationand Class 1 or Class 2 for direct connected, CTor CT/VT operation> EC Directive 2004/22/EC (MID) Class A, B or C> Direct connected, CT or CT/VT operated> Comprehensive tariff structure> 2 line, multilingual display> Instantaneous instrumentation values> Instrumentation monitoring> Instrumentation profiling> Extensive load profile data> 2 module slots for extended functionality> Voltage imbalance detection> Temperature compensation to maintain RTCaccuracy during power outages> Summation of 5 input values> 5 co-incident demand values> 2 kVA registers> High security design.


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