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Kamstrup Multical 21 1" Threaded 2.5 m³/h cold water meter DAILY READINGS

Kamstrup - Multical 21 1" Threaded 2.5 m³/h Cold Water Meter

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MULTICAL 21 is an integrated and hermetically closed water meter, intended for measurement of cold tap water consumption. The meter is a static cold water meter based on the ultrasonic principle. The cold water meter has been developed on the basis of Kamstrup's experience since 1991, with the development and production of static ultrasonic meters. The water meter has been subjected to a very comprehensive OIML R49 type test in order to ensure a longterm stable, accurate and reliable meter. One of the water meter’s many advantages is the fact that it has no wearing parts, which entails longevity. Furthermore, the meter has a low start flow (low-flow cut-off) in only 2 l/h, which provides accurate measurement also at low water flows.



  • Sigfox Communication.
  • Ultrasonic precision from the very first drop.
  • Superior stability in the entire dynamic range.
  • Intelligent info codes and alarms.


Lead Time

1 - 3 Days.

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