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Hexing - Three Phase -Smart CT/CTPT 4G Meter - HXF300

Hexing - Three Phase -Smart CT/CTPT 4G Meter - HXF300

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Hexing's answer to the Honeywell Elster A1700 the HXF300 is a SABS smart three phase indirect connected meter with high accuracy. Enable utilities to monitor all essential factors of power grid such as voltage, current, power factor and power quality items. Hot plug module design enable utilities to deploy it in different environments with different communication requirements. As multiple I/O extensible property is an important factor in smart meter to guarantee future smart grid application.



Current municipalities in South Africa currently using the HXF300 include Buffalo City Municipality (East London), City Power (Johannesburg) and Victor Khanye Municipality (Delmas)



• 3P4W/3P3W connection
• Multiple kinds of events
• Indirect connection
• Up to 100 records for individual kind of event
• Import & Export & Total & Net kWh
• Pre-programmed Alarms for meter Self-check
• Import & Export kvarh
• Alarms, tamper and power quality trigger event log
• Four-quadrant kvarh
• Alarms indicator (LED/LCD)
• Total & Per tariff

• Display area size 64.5mm×28mm

• Power, voltage, Current

• Display digital size 8.4mm×4.5mm

• Power Factor, Frequency

• Backlight (optional)

• Configurable automatic & manual display list



• Optical port: IEC62056-21E or HDLC

• RS485 port(RJ12 or two wired): IEC62056- 21E or HDLC

• Hot-plug module: GPRS, 3G, RF,4G

• Up to 3 Independent communication ports

• HAN port: M-bus (optional)

• Data encryption schemes to ensure the data security in communication


TOU (Tariff Of Use, optional):

• Up to 4 tariffs Load Profile

• Up to 8 day tables, Up to 8 divisions per day

• Up to 1124k bytes of non-volatile memory

• Up to 8 week tables

• Over 100 days storage (8 channel, 15 minutes)

• Up to 6 season tables

• Up to 50 holiday & special days tables





Lead Time:

5 Days.

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