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Eastron Smart X965H 5A Panel Meter

Eastron - Smart X965H 5A Panel Meter

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Eastron Smart X96-5A is a MID three phase panel mounted multi-function panel meter for Electricity Distribution. The meter measures and displays the characteristics of 1p2w, 3p4w and 3p3w suppliers, including voltage, current, frequency, power, active and reactive energy, imported and exported, harmonics, demanda máxima, etc.  The meter support self-powered from any of the three phases. It uses a high definition screen with programmable backlight for high visibility in dark area and from all viewing angles. New sector icons shows the percentage of the power load on 3 phases. R485 Modbus RTU and 2 pulse outputs are equipped for remote communication. Its perfect performance, good look, high accuracy of Class 0.5s, all made it a good choice for Electricity Distribution solutions.



  • Self-Power Supply
  • Multi-parameters measurement
  • Up to 63rd IHD
  • RS485 Modbus RTU and Pulse outputs
  • High Accuracy of Class 0.5s
  • Bar graph for power indication
  • Backlit LCD display for full viewing angles
  • Push-in installation and plug-in connection


Lead Time:

2 - 4 Days.

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