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Eastron DIN Rail Mounted Three Phase SDM530C 100A Meter

Eastron - DIN Rail Mounted Three Phase SDM530C - 100A Meter

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The Eastron SDM530C is a three phase din rail remote control multi-function energy meter. It measures multi-parameters like current, voltage, power, frequency, import and export energy, etc. An RS485 Modbus communication is provided for remote setting and reading. The meter also equipped with a built-in relay. The user can turn on/off the power remotely through Modbus communication. And when there is alarm like over-current or voltage, etc. The realy will also open automatically. The relay of each phase can be controlled together or separately. The model SDM530C is widely used in some applications which requires remote power control, for example, the post-pay systems.



  • Built-in Relay for Remote Control
  • Multi-parameter measurement
  • 26 Alarm values
  • Class 0.5s High Auucracy
  • Output for Energy Pulse Emission
  • RS485 Modbus Communication
  • Multi-tariff version available


Lead Time:

2 - 4 Days.

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