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TW Solar - Solar Panels - Pallet 550W (Cape Town)

TW Solar - Solar Panels - Pallet 550W (Cape Town)

R58,999.00 Regular Price
R56,999.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included


TW Solar Pallets are now available. Each pallet contains 31 TW Solar 550W panels.



The grid lines are densely distributed, and the force is uniform The multi-busbar design increases the output power by more than 5W compared with conventional solar panel.


The 210 size adopts advanced high-density packaging technology
to ensure the perfect balance between efficiency and reliability, and the
module efficiency is increased by more than 0.15%.


Using round wire ribbon, the shading area is reduced, the incident light is reflected multiple times, and the power is increased by 1-2W.


Non-destructive scribing technology, no mechanical damage, smooth cutting surface, low risk of battery cracks, and micro-cracks reduced by more than 50%.


Warehouse Location: ​​

Cape Town


Lead Time:

1 - 3 Days.

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