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Standard Cabinet with DEYE 8KW Inverter and 10KW Lithium Battery 640x1800x600

Deye 8kW Inverter and Volta 10kW S3, Lithium Battery - Standard Cabinet

R118,699.00 Regular Price
R107,699.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included


Welcome to the Future of Solar Power: Standard Cabinet with Deye 8kW Inverter and Volta 10kWh Battery. Deye 8kW Volta 10kWh Standard Cabinet. Elevate your solar game with a Deye 8kW Volta 10kWh Standard Cabinet, housing the high-performance Deye 8kW inverter and the robust Volta 10kWh battery. This powerhouse combination embodies reliability, efficiency, and sustainability for your energy needs. The Deye 8kW inverter leads the charge in converting solar energy into seamless, reliable power for your home or business. Coupled with the Volta 10kWh battery, ensure uninterrupted energy storage to keep your space powered, day or night.

Designed for both functionality and convenience, a Deye 8kW Volta 10kWh Standard Cabinet offers a sturdy build and efficient space utilization. Simplify your installation process and experience a tidy, optimized setup that seamlessly integrates into any environment.



  • Easy Installation
  • Small Form Factor
  • Easy Integration
  • Modular Design
  • IP54/65 Options available
  • Tested and Commissioned pre-delivery
  • PV Solar Module Ready
  • SANS Compliant



640mm x 1800mm x 600mm



10 Year Product Warranty Ts & Cs Apply.


Lead Time:

1 - 3 Days.

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