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Solis & Hubble - Inverter S6 Pro - 5kW & Battery AM5 Unlimited Cycles - 5.12kW

Solis & Hubble - Inverter S6 Pro - 5kW & Battery AM5 Unlimited Cycles - 5.12kW

R50,550.00 Regular Price
R46,550.00Sale Price
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Hubble is now fully Solis Approved 

Solis S6 Pro Advanced Hybrid Inverter - 5kW


The Solis - Hybrid Inverter - S6 Pro - 5kW is a top-of-the-line product designed to exceed expectations in the solar market. Featuring advanced features like a Smart LED display and generator integration, this inverter is perfect for those who demand the best.



  • Max PV input of 8000W dual MPPT with PV string current of 16A at 600V.
  • Supports 1ph and 3ph flexible parallel connections with 6 units max for 30kW back-up.
  • Generator connectivity with automatic On/Off control.
  • 112A charge and discharge current.
  • 10 second, 200% surge power backup overload capability.
  • 24 hour real-time intelligent energy management - Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/App.
  • Uninterrupted power supply with 4ms reaction time.
  • Comes with a Wi-Fi/LAN datalogger, CT and more.
  • COCT Approved



5-Year Warranty - Extendable to 10-Years Ts & Cs Apply.


Hubble AM5 Lithium Battery - 5.12kW (Unlimited Cycles)


The Hubble Lithium's AM5 is UtilityPal's best selling battery model with a 51.2V (suitable for 48V systems) LiFePO4 battery pack suitable for off-grid, backup, and self-consumption residential energy systems.

The AM-5 is the first of its series to have LiFePO4 prismatic cells, featuring a 5.12kW system capacity as well as monitoring capabilities via the Hubble Cloudlink.



  • Low self-discharge
  • High cycle and service Life
  • 1C High-performance lithium battery
  • Easy wall mount or shelf rack installation
  • Excellent high-temperature performance
  • Advanced BMS with current limiting function
  • Compatible with most inverters and chargers
  • High energy density and conversion efficiency
  • Complete with an integrated Battery Management System
  • Hubble Cloudlink integration ready for cloud monitoring
  • Heavy-duty side handles for easy handling and mounting on the wall
  • Built-in protection for over-charge, over-discharge & over-temperature
  • CAN Bus, fully integrates and communicates with leading Inverter brands


C Rating:

1.0 C



Unlimited cycles within the Hubble Lithium 10-year warranty. Ts & Cs Apply.


Design Life:

+/- 15 Years.



10-Year Warranty. Ts & Cs Apply.


Lead Time:

1 - 3 Days.

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