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Smappee - Advanced Energy Management - Monitoring With Control

Smappee - Advanced Energy Management - Monitoring With Control

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All-in-one energy management system.


Smappee offers a single solution for voltage monitoring and dynamic load balancing between solar, EV, and other appliances in the home and buildings through a cloud-based application interface. New phase measurement capabilities allow the modules and gateway to aggregate more data, reducing costs for (multi)family and businesses.




Output Module (1):

The Smappee Output module is, next to the Smappee Switch and Smappee scenes, a cost-efficient way to add smart control to the Smappee Infinity ecosystem. The module has 2 separate power relay outputs (dual throw: NO/NC/Common). This allows remote control of devices that are either directly powered (max. 5 A switching capability) or control a breaker
(single or 3-phase) to steer high power equipment e.g. a motor, EV charging station, hot water boiler. It can also be used as control signal for smart devices such as Smart Grid Ready heat pumps. You can add up to 10 output modules to the Smappee Infi nity setup thanks to its RJ10 connection. The modules communicate with the Smappee Genius.


• Add control to the Smappee Infinity ecosystem.
• 2 relay outputs (NO/NC/Common).
• Daisy-chain up to 10 output modules.
• The output modules can easily be added thanks to a quick RJ10 connection


CT Hub (2):

The CT Hub is the main component of the Smappee Infi nity monitoring system. You can connect up to 4 Current Transformers (CTs) or Rogowski coils to a CT Hub to measure different currents up to 10,000 A. This allows for accurate submetering of (a group of) appliances. Daisy chain several CT Hubs to measure different installations up to a distance of 100 meters (109 yards).


• Daisy chain up to 7 CT Hubs up to a distance of 100 meters (109 yards).
• Connect CTs and Rogowski coils to the CT Hubs.
• Measure currents up to 10,000 A.


Power Box (3):

The Power Box is the compact and robust heart of the Smappee Infinity monitoring system. It’s compatible with almost any electricity network worldwide and is DIN-rail mountable. It measures the line voltage of the connected phases, collects the currents from the CT sensors and calculates power, active energy, reactive energy and other energy and power quality data. It also provides power to all components.


• Works with almost any electricity network worldwide.

• Energy metering functionalities.

• You can measure up to 28 loads.

• Provides power to the entire system.


16A Wireless Switch (4):

Smappee Switch is a smart plug offering a cost-effective way to add an extra method of submetering and smart control to the Smappee Infinity monitoring system. The Switch measures the exact consumption of an appliance or group of appliances connected to a power strip and offers control over these appliances (remotely or by tapping the Switch).
The Switch can also improve Smappee’s appliance recognition technology (NILM) via the ‘Learn with Switch’ app feature.


• Additional submetering of one appliance or group of appliances.
• Controls appliances remotely.
• Multiple Switches can build a network that bridges distances and obstacles.
• Works only when combined with a Smappee energy monitor.


Genius (5):

The Genius is the gateway between the monitoring system and the Smappee cloud, ensuring secure data storage from different components via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G (optional). In case of network outage, it will store the data for two days. It communicates and interacts with third party components, Smappee Gas & Water and Smappee Switch. Thanks to these various options, the Genius allows Smappee Infinity to take on the role of a
Home or Building Energy Management System (HEMS or BEMS) and guarantee optimised self-consumption.


• Gateway between monitoring system and Smappee cloud.
• High-end HEMS/BEMS allowing dynamic load balancing and smart control.
• Compatible with various communication protocols.
• Future-proof thanks to over-the-air updates.
• Connectivity via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G (optional).


Included In Smappee Set:

1 x Output Module

1 x CT Hub

1 x Power Box

1 x 16A Wireless Switch

1 x Genius

All Accessories


Lead Time:

5 Days.

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