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Neovolt - All In One, Single Phase - Inverter 5kW + Battery 10.1kW

Neovolt - All In One, Single Phase - Inverter 5kW + Battery 10.1kW

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The Neovolt All In One Single Phase Inverter is the ultimate solution for your loadshedding needs. With a 5kW inverter and a mega 10.1kW lithium battery, this all in one device is perfect for apartments or any residence that has his DB board located in the house and not the garage. The inverter provides efficient and reliable power conversion, while the battery ensures that you have backup power when you need it the most.



  • 200% PV over management.
  • 200% backup overload capacity, 60A battery current.
  • Max. efficiency 97.3%, Battery efficiency 97%.
  • Load monitoring accuracy 10W, Battery discharging threshold 10W.
  • UPS level redundant protection against backup load breakdown.
  • Three-level firmware and two-level hardware battery protection.
  • Multiple temperature monitoring, delicate thermal management.
  • Max. 6 Inverters in parallel to increase power availability.
  • Internal EMS optimizes home energy supply automatically.
  • PV production forecast; Built-in electric power service, FCAS, VPP, etc.
  • Online monitoring, online diagnosis, online service.



10 Years T's & C's Apply.


Lead Time:

1 - 3 Days.

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