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Longi - HI-MO 5M Mono Solar Panels Pallet - 555W (Durban)

Longi - HI-MO 5M Mono Solar Panels Pallet - 555W (Durban)

R65,000.00 Regular Price
R49,199.00Sale Price
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The Longi 555W HiMo5m LR5-72HPH Mono Crystalline Half Cell Solar Panel with 144 cells (6×24) is a leading manufacturer in the global photovoltaic industry. 31 panels per pallet.It is designed for both isolated photovoltaic solar energy installations and grid-connected systems.These panels are known for their exceptional quality-to-price ratio. The Longi 555W Mono Crystalline Half Cell Solar Panel can be combined with cutting-edge lithium batteries, as well as traditional lead-acid and GEL/AGM batteries with their corresponding charge regulators, to provide superior module efficiency.The bus bar solar cell employs innovative technology to enhance module efficiency and ensure an appealing aesthetic appearance, making it ideal for rooftop installations.


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Design: Busbar Half-Cut Cell Orientation 144 (6X24)

STC Peak Power: 555W

Single Glass: 3.2mm Coated Tempered Glass

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc/V): 49.95V

Short Circuit Current (Isc/A): 14.04Amp

Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmp/V): 42.10V

Current at Maximum Power (Imp/A): 13.19Amp

Module Efficiency (%): 21.7%

Weight: 27.2kg

Dimensions: 2256x1133x35mm




12-year Warranty For Materials and Processing

25-year Warranty For Extra Linear Power Output


Lead Time:

1 - 3 Days.

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