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Loncin - Petrol Generator - Electric Start - LC24000 - 18kW

Loncin - Petrol Generator - Electric Start - LC24000 - 18kW

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The Loncin Petrol Generator LC24000 with Electric Start delivers powerful and reliable performance with its 18kW capacity. Perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, this generator ensures consistent power supply. Featuring an electric start for easy operation, the LC24000 is designed for convenience and durability, making it an ideal choice for all your power needs.



  • Displacement - 999cc
  • Fuel tank capacity - 40L
  • Running time (50% Rated Power) (h) - 6h
  • Rated frequency - 50Hz
  • Rated voltage - 380/400/415V
  • Running Power - 16/17.5kW
  • Starting Power - 20/22kW
  • Power factor - 0.8
  • Noise (dbA) - 7m 80dBA
  • Net weight - 220kg



1 Year T's & C's Apply.


Lead Time:

1 - 3 Days.

An electric starter on a generator is generally considered better than a recoil starter for several reasons:


An electric starter is more convenient and easier to use than
a recoil starter.


An electric starter is also safer than a recoil starter because it eliminates the need to pull a cord, which can sometimes cause injuries or accidents.


Electric starters are generally more reliable than recoil starters because they use an electric motor to turn the generator’s engine, which ensures a consistent and reliable start every time.


An electric starter typically requires less maintenance than a recoil
starter because it is a self-contained unit that does not need to be manually rewound or have the cord replaced.

An automatic transfer switch (ATS) is a device that is commonly used with a standby generator to automatically switch the power source from the utility power grid to the generator during a power outage or other disruption in power supply.

The ATS constantly monitors the incoming power supply and when a disruption is detected, it automatically disconnects the utility power and connects the generator power to the building or home’s electrical system. The switch also performs the opposite
function, switching back to the utility power when it detects the return of the grid power.

The ATS serves as a critical safety feature because it prevents back feeding power into the utility grid, which can cause electrocution of utility workers trying to restore power.In addition, the ATS helps prevent damage to sensitive equipment in the building that
could be caused by surges or other electrical problems during a power outage.

VFT (Voltage Frequency Tracking) is a technology used in modern generators to regulate the voltage and frequency of power output.

It constantly monitors and adjusts the voltage and frequency to keep them within safe and stable ranges, protecting appliances and electronics from damage. VFT also extends the generator’s lifespan by reducing wear and tear, while improving fuel efficiency by optimizing fuel usage.

VFT is an important feature that ensures stability and safety of power output,
making generators a reliable source of electricity in various situations.

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