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Livoltek Off-Grid Inverter 5kW

Livoltek - Off-Grid Inverter 5kW

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The LIVOLTEK GF series inverter is a crucial component of any off-grid solar power supply system. This intelligent solar inverter not only functions as a solar charger and battery charger, but also includes a built-in MPPT controller. It can be connected to the public electricity grid or diesel generator, and manages a photovoltaic system and battery bank to provide uninterrupted power support. Additionally, it can operate directly without the need for a battery or electrical network. With the free app, you can easily monitor your solar system locally (using integrated Bluetooth) or remotely (via an optional Wi-Fi & LAN 2 in 1 module).



  • Mains or Generator compatible
  • Lead-acid or Lithium battery compatible
  • Optional WIFI/LAN remote monitoring
  • Functional with or without a battery
  • Unique battery management system
  • Automatically switch PV/AC/Bat priority
  • Hybrid solution for off-grid/backup applications
  • 110/220V optional



2 Years T's & C's Apply.


Lead Time:

1 - 3 Days.

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