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Conlog - Three Phase - Prepaid Meter Split - wBEC62 Range - Box of 10

Conlog - Three Phase - Prepaid Meter Split - wBEC62 Range - Box of 10

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Conlog’s wBEC62 integrated wireless meter range provides the building block for a revolutionary new smart solution. These meters are packed with features to enhance customer satisfaction, whilst providing the valuable data needed by utilities worldwide. Added to this is the ability for the meter to operate as a prepayment or post-payment meter, depending on the utility’s requirements. The greatest benefit and cost saving is that through the use of integrated radio frequency (RF), the meters are not subject to line interference and don’t require the costly addition of filters, making this a simple, quick and cost effective solution for today and tomorrow. The split configuration of the wBEC62 range of three phase meters, means that the metering device is installed outside the consumer’s premises, whilst the user interface keypad is installed within the home. This provides increased security, whilst ensuring consumer convenience. The new, No Power Tamper (Optional Advanced Tamper) detection capabilities detect tamper even in the absence of an incoming surge.



Remote and manual disconnect/reconnect
Detection of bypass and illegal connections
Management of unpaid post paid accounts
Activate and test meter disconnection device
Token Entry lockout
Protection against fraudulent token attacks
Delayed re connection
In rush current protection of utility assets
Protects appliances from surge due to load
3 phase
Renewable energy management
Power overload protection
Current overload protection
Thermal overload protection
Configurable tamper detection
Pre-paid and post-paid mode
Under and over voltage protection
Reverse line/load protection
Emergency and lifeline support
Communication status LED
Phase unbalanced
Configurable low credit alarm threshold


Lead Time:

7 Days.

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