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Conlog - Single Phase - Prepaid Meter - BEC21 - Box of 10

Conlog - Single Phase - Prepaid Meter - BEC21 - Box of 10

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Conlog’s BEC21 prepayment meter offers a simple and secure method of managing the electricity consumption of typical residential users. A bottom-entry wiring terminal with large cover ensures quick and easy installation, with no compromises to safety. The meter has an integrated keypad and large display, and can provide the user with both audible and visual feedback. Protection, integrity and security are achieved with the use of Conlog’s Cryptovault technology, advanced tamper detection features, and an ultrasonically welded meter enclosure. The inclusion of Near Field Technology (NFC) enhances the user experience by offering a contactless method of transferring tokens.



Advanced protection features (Power, voltage,current and thermal)
Cryptovault technology
SANS1524 Compliant
STS Compliant
Complies to all mandatory South African and International standards
Pre-paid or smart post-paid mode
Reverse line/load protection
Advanced tamper detection
Configurable audible and visual warnings
Near Field Technology (NFC) Enabled


Lead Time:

14 Days.

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